List of our services

As a wide range global business conglomerate we have so much invested into key strategic areas of logistics and moving of goods from one destination to another destination and we strive to explore more depth about what we do.

Land transport

We are key players in the land transport business with over 200000 trucks globally.

Air Transport

Taking the air routes has been one of our key strenght over the years in the logistics business.

Water Transport

The sea knows solana at the back of its hands as we are a factor to reckon with on sea transport.

Other services

Port clearance, custom duties, and door to door delivery in most cases are known areas we undertake

Our Core Areas of Operations

Land Freight

We undertake all kinds of land transport business as regrading the use of goods through lands

Air Freight

We engage with major shipping lines to the delivery container of various equipment designs to deliver cargo

Sea Freight

We undertake all kinds of shipment through the sea using our ships and in partnership with top shipping industries


Over the years we have gained much insights into the delivery of parcels and items through out the globe