About Us

Over a Decade of Experience

Through long aged practice, research and training Arizona Logistics Limited was innovated as to answer the primary need of movements of goods and products through various methods as to have a more deliverable approach and above all a fast platform through which goods can be transported, shipped or carried from one destination to another destination.

It has been a long time coming for the brand Arizona Logistics Limited as we have taken proper positioning in movement of goods either by the sea, land, and air, we are a force to be reckoned with.

We are Responsive

Time is of great essence, that’s what they say, and at Arizona Logistics Limited we understand that very part too well as we never leave any thing to chance and hence that’s why we take timely delivery as our top priority.

We have got you covered on time as at when needed that’s why when it comes to shipping Arizona Logistics sees beyond movement of goods rather we see arrival of goods as at a needed time frame.

Land Freight

We undertake all kinds of land transport business as regrading the use of goods through lands

Air Freight

We engage with major shipping lines to the delivery container of various equipment designs to deliver cargo

Sea Freight

We undertake all kinds of shipment through the sea using our ships and in partnership with top shipping industries


Over the years we have gained much insights into the delivery of parcels and items through out the globe